Challenges faced by the virgin atlantic commerce essay

Born in July 18, ; destined to go one of the best known British enterprisers. Richard Branson is now the th richest individual in the universe. Later inRichard launched a mail order record company called Virgin, which was besides a success, and shortly after a concatenation of Virgin record shops followed.

Challenges faced by the virgin atlantic commerce essay

There was an immediate and significant reduction in passenger demand, particularly across the North Atlantic, and a number of airlines became bankrupt. However, it is clear that in order to survive and compete in this challenging environment, it is vital for airline companies to adapt and evolve, focusing on capturing the market with an ever-improving range of services.


Airlines with strong brand leadership, like Virgin Atlantic, should be most likely to emerge from the challenge strengthened. In addition, the brand has been consistently voted as a Superbrand and in was given Cool BrandLeader status by the Superbrands organisation. History In the early s, transportation - rather than customer care - appeared to be the top priority of the airline industry.

When Virgin Atlantic burst on to the scene offering not only better service and lower costs for passengers but a commitment to put the customer first, the effects were radical. Better known at the time as the leading light in the world of pop and rock music, Branson was enthusiastic about the opportunity to diversify.

From those early days the airline has gone from strength to strength. Virgin Atlantic has also introduced a service from Manchester airport to Orlando. In Januarythe airline began twice-weekly services to Port Harcourt in Nigeria and in May the airline commenced services between Gatwick and Tobago and Grenada bringing its total number of destinations to Plans have also been announced for new routes between London Heathrow and Sydney to start at the end of and London Gatwick and Cuba and The Bahamas to commence in summer The deal was finalised in early Virgin Atlantic has pioneered a range of innovations setting new standards of service, which its competitors have subsequently sought to follow.

Virgin Atlantic has introduced a string of firsts including individual seat-back televisions for all economy passengers and the introduction of automatic defibrillators.

Virgin Atlantic also has Clubhouses, Virgin lounges for Upper Class passengers, at many of its destinations.Virgin Atlantic is a British airline carrier that is co-owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group [51%] and Delta Airlines [49%].

Started in , it is currently the UK’s best carrier in terms of punctuality, quality and the speed of . Critically evaluate Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair in terms of one or more of the aspects of the psychological contract and discuss the different challenges faced by managers in both organisations as they aim to sustain the psychological contract of their employees whilst achieving organisational effectiveness.

PESTLE Analysis for Virgin Group

Case Study and Report Virgin Atlantic’s Expansion into Asia Essay Sample. 1. Executive Summary. Overview. The names of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic are instantaneously recognisable in most parts of the world, in addition to being exceedingly famous in the UK.

Challenges faced by the virgin atlantic commerce essay

The last in a series of extracts from Aviation Logistics, a new book by Michael Sales and Stan Wraight in conjunction with TIACA, looks at the issue of security with TIACA’s Doug Brittin Total screening of all air cargo is a daunting task, and one which is neither attainable nor necessary.

The. Increasing fuel prices, security threats, changing inventory strategies, mode shifting, and provider consolidation have the air cargo industry in a tailspin. Here's how carriers and shippers plan to fly past these challenges.

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Challenges faced by the virgin atlantic commerce essay

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Case Study and Report Virgin Atlantic’s Expansion into Asia | Essay Example